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Haleakalä: A History of the Maui Mountain

  offers a unique view of the volcano with the famous crater at its peak.

But it's more than
“the crater”. . .

From ancient times to modern, Haleakalä has been wahi panaa storied place.

Haleakalä: A History of the Maui Mountain shares rich historical accounts and vintage photographs to tell of geology, ancient myth, silversword and nënë, Depression-era building projects and the community effort that created a national park.

Discover these Haleakalä stories and more:

Hawaiians of old braved the chilly heights to study the stars

Herds of cattle grazed and goats ran wild in the crater, destroying native plants.

Early tourists on horseback toiled up rugged slopes to a rustic rest house.

Boy Scouts helped save the Hawaiian goose―the nënë―from extinction.

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Where can you get the book on Maui?

Haleakalä National Park shops at headquarters, the summit and Kïpahulu

Central Maui
Bailey House Museum
Native Intelligence
Swan Interiors
Maui Friends of the Library

Story of Hawai`i Museum
Maui Ocean Center

Hui No`eau
`Ulupalakua Store
Kula Market Place
Kula Botanical Garden
Pi`iholo Ranch Store

Village Gift & Fine Art
Lahaina Visitor Center
Maui Friends of the Library

Hana Coast Gallery

Kaupo General Store

In Honolulu

Native Books


What's in the book? More than 200 modern and vintage photos and maps, plus the following fascinating stories:

Birth of a Mountain

How the Mountain Was Made • Spirits of the Mountain • Ancient Access: Hawaiians on the Mountaintop • Early Archaeology • Studying the Past: Kenneth P. Emory • Early Explorers • The Power of Water • Naming the Places of Haleakalä

The Natural World of Haleakalä

A Wealth of Species • The Maui Parrotbill • The Silversword • The Nënë Flies Again • Snow on the Mountain

Cowboys and Campers

The Pioneers: Modern-Day Chiefs • The von Tempskys of Haleakalä • Upcountry Ranches • Lost on the Mountain • Promoting the Mountain • Mountain Guides: Aiken and Arisumi • Shelter on the Mountain

Trail Blazers: A Park in the Making

The National Park Idea • To Start a Park • The “Tree Army” at Work • A Job at the Top • The Mountain Man: Lawrence Oliveira • Road to the Sun • Ranger Jimmy Lindsay • Military on the Mountain: The Struggle for Control • Haleakalä Mountain Lodge • A New Park Is Born • Mission 66 • Crater Guide: Frank P. Freitas

Caring for the Mountain

rotecting the Mountain’s Treasures • Fencing Master: Ron Nagata • Goat Hunter: Reny Platz • Saving the Forest • Restoring Koa • Park Foreman: Eddie Grasa • Ranger at Work: Mike Ing • The Harmonic Convergence • Renaissance Ranger: Don Reeser • Upcountry Cowgirl: Rose Freitas • Fighting the Aliens: Lloyd Loope

The Kïpahulu Section of the Park

Exploring the Upper Valley • The Kïpahulu Valley Expedition • What Did the 1967 Kïpahulu Valley Expedition Find? • Wealthy Conservationists • Piecing Together the Kïpahulu Puzzle • Return of the Lo‘i • Aloha in Kïpahulu: Eddie Pu • The Park Keeps Growing

Science at the Summit

Stargazers on the Mountaintop • At Home Downhill • Television at the Top

Hikers, Bikers, and People of the Park

Run to the Sun • Cycle to the Sun • The Bike Tour Controversy • Friend of the Mountain: Mary Evanson • From Kaupö to the Top: The Aki Family • A Family of Hikers: Alec McBarnet • Crater Kid: John Barton • Young Hikers: Tom Cannon • Mountain Adventures: Joy Webster • Haleakalä Heritage: Penny Dant • Crater Cowboy: Eddie Wilson • Partners at Work

Unfinished Business

Helicopter Fights • Seeking the Sun from Haleakalä • The Haleakalä Trail

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